Brazil (Sao Paulo e Rio) & USA (Miami, VA and NYC)

01Quicken Telecom

Established in 2014 to run all the USA operations and connectivity with Brazil.

Dedicated to raise customers in the US and Europe, we help these customers to avoid some of the complicated Brazilian infrastructure by dealing with them in the US.

Focused in stablish as much presence possible in all the major US IXP locations.

0276 Telecom Brazil

76-telecom-logoQuicken Telecom and its sister company 76 Telecom in Sao Paulo, Brazil, are committed to bring the best network services between the two countries.

With offices in the heart of Sao Paulo Business area and in Pompano Beach, Florida; together with a large owned fiber network, both companies are interconnected to bring the best services for our customers.

76 Telecom with more than 15 years of excellency, is a Telecommunications Operator with Anatel’s licenses to operate STFC and SCM.

76 Telecom since then never stopped innovating, developing tailored solutions in landline, VoIP, Voice, Internet and Dedicated Data Center.