Connectivity & Capacity

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Connectivity & Capacity

  • We operate our own fiber:
    – 500km+ in the city of Sao Paulo and 100km in Rio all 10gb and 40gb ring interconnecting all major business areas, DC’s and IXP’s;
    – 600km+ wave link radios
    – 3000km+ of partner fiber major country wide ring.
  • MIA: NAP, ColoHouse, FLIX;
  • NYC: 60th Hudson or 111th 8th;
  • SAO IXP:; Netflix, Amazon, Google, Yahoo, all direct connection to their backbone;
  • SAO DC: NAP, Equinix (SP1, SP2, SP3, RJ1, RJ2), UOLDIVEO, Level(3), all operated with our own fiber;

We operate from a DC in Boca Raton connected with BroadbandONE, AT&T, FiberLight, FPL FiberNet, and Level(3), multinational 10G backbone, layer 2 transport, 10Mbps – 10Gbps

Quicken Telecom has over 30Gbps of IP and transport capacity with connectivity to the 10G multinational network via:

  • Atlanta, GA;
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL;
  • Miami, FL.

From the Boca Raton and Miami POPs, Quicken Telecom has multiple 10G waves to Ashburn, VA and Atlanta, GA

NOC – Network Operations Center

Our NOC is operated in Sao Paulo headquarters, working 24×7 with 4 SLA:

  • Level 1: Regular entry
  • Level 2: Analysis and Circuit Repair
  • Level 3: Advanced Circuit Repair
  • Level 4: Network engeneering